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DUX 1314 Jozef Zeidler – Missa ex D

DUX 1314 Jozef Zeidler – Missa ex D

160 SEK
Zeidler, JozefMissa ex D 
Sinfonia Varsovia
The Katowice Singers Ensemble Camerata Silesia - Jerzy Maksymiuk
Józef Zeidler is one of those composers who, for long years, had been forgotten but is now being played ever more often – thanks, in his case, to the indefatigable (positivist) labours of the eponymous society based at Swieta Góra in Gostyn. The Oratorian festivals held there since 2006 consistently promote the works of Zeidler, which once graced religious services held at the local basilica.