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DUX 1231 Beethoven - piano recital

DUX 1231 Beethoven - piano recital

160 SEK
Beethoven, Ludwig van11 Bagatelles
Op. 119
Jean-Claude Henriot, piano
Beethoven, Ludwig vanFantasia
Op.77     G minor
Beethoven, Ludwig vanAndante Favori
WoO 57
Beethoven, Ludwig van32 Variations
WoO 80     C minor
Beethoven, Ludwig van6 Bagatelles
Op. 126
The one with isolated pieces and miniatures gives good reason to be heard outside these representations, considering the permanent double-dimensionality of this music: the charm and lightness that are nearly always implied by the small form or essentially private dimension and which are often found in the admirable simplicity of the material itself, but also a laboratory dimension proper to a miniature test in writing process later possible to be reproduced on a larger scale, or simply a touring spirit or a territory-clearing endeavour without any grandiose justificatory ambitions