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DUX 1217 Eine Jugendfreundschaft

DUX 1217 Eine Jugendfreundschaft

160 SEK
Strauss, RichardMadrigal 
Op.15 No.1    
Sabina von Walther, soprano 
Helmut Deutsch, piano
Strauss, RichardHeimkehr 
Op.15 No.5    
Strauss, RichardWie sollten wir geheim sie halten 
Op.19 No.4    
Strauss, RichardSchlagende Herzen 
Op.29 No.2    
Strauss, RichardDas Rosenband 
Op.36 No.1    
Strauss, RichardMeinem Kinde 
Op.37 No.3    
Strauss, RichardDie erwachte Rose
Strauss, RichardWaldesgesang
Strauss, RichardRote Rosen
Strauss, RichardBegegnung
Strauss, RichardWir beide wollen springen
Strauss, RichardNebel
Strauss, RichardWeihnachtsgefühl
Strauss, RichardWer hat’s getan
Thuille, LudwigWaldeinsamkeit 
Op.12 No.1    
Thuille, LudwigNächtliche Pfade 
Op.7 No.5    
Thuille, LudwigIch wollt ein Sträusslein binden 
Op.24 No.3    
Thuille, LudwigSpinnerlied 
Op.19 No.5    
Thuille, LudwigGruss 
Op.4 No.1    
Thuille, LudwigSommermittag 
Op.19 No.2    
Thuille, LudwigDie Kleine 
Op.19 No.1    
Thuille, LudwigEs klingt der Lärm der Welt 
Op.5 No.3    
Thuille, LudwigLied der jungen Hexe 
Op.15 No.3    
Thuille, LudwigSommermorgen 
Op.5 No.2    
Thuille, LudwigAm Heimweg 
Op.7 No.7    
Thuille, LudwigDie Verlassene 
Op.4 No.2    
Thuille, LudwigKlage 
Op.5 No.1    
Thuille, LudwigMein Engel hüte dein 
Op.36 No.1    
Thuille, LudwigAllerseelen 
Op.4 No.4    
Thuille, LudwigKomm, süßer Schlaf 
Op.36 No.3    
While musicologists have focused primarily on the life and work of Richard Strauss, less is known about his friend, Thuille, who has been regarded as a minor figure in music history. The Lieder selected for this recording date from a time when the two composers had a very close and profound relationship. As can be heard in the present anthology, a comparison between the two personalities shows an intimacy on a personal level, yet they are quite far removed from each other from an aesthetic point of view