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DUX 1210 Mozart - Requiem

DUX 1210 Mozart - Requiem

160 SEK
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusRequiem
KV 626     D minor
Olga Pasiecznik, soprano 
Anna Lubanska, mezzo-soprano 
Krzysztof Szmyt, tenor 
Krzysztof Boirysiewicz, bass 
Lukasz Hodor, trombone solo 
Sinfonia Amabile Choir and Orchestra - Piotr Wajrak
The facts speak for themselves. In the summer of 1791 Mozart received a commission, from a stranger, to compose a requiem mass. He took the payment but, busy as he was with The Magic Flute, gave no promise as to the completion date. Nevertheless, the planned work kept haunting him. “I feel a buzzing noise in my head and I am losing my strength. I have the figure of that stranger in front of my eyes all the time. He demands the work from me. I keep on composing as this is less tiring for me than relaxation. […] I am coming to an end, before I have used my talent to the full… But one cannot change one’s destiny. No one is the master of one’s life… Yet I will finish my sorrowful song. I cannot leave it unfinished…”