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DUX 1203 Renaud-Gabriel Pion - Qalandar

DUX 1203 Renaud-Gabriel Pion - Qalandar

160 SEK
Pion, Renaud-GabrielBaglandi Yollarim
Gülay Hacer Toruk, Voice 
Renaud-Gabriel Pion, Piano, Alto Clarinet & Bass Clarinet 
Vincent Segal, Cello
Pion, Renaud-GabrielBugün Benim Efkarim Var
Pion, Renaud-GabrielBasindaki Yazmayi
Pion, Renaud-GabrielBir Çift Turna Gördüm
Pion, Renaud-GabrielBu Bagda Dolanirsan
Pion, Renaud-GabrielBerceuse
Pion, Renaud-GabrielBulut Gelir
Pion, Renaud-GabrielKar Mi Yagmis
Pion, Renaud-GabrielGül Menekse
Pion, Renaud-GabrielKütahyanin Pinarlari 
Qalandar is a cycle of pieces for two, three or four instruments where non-tempered singing and contemporary writing for the piano merge, adorned at times by cello or clarinet improvisations. With their poems and the strings of their long-necked lute, the saz, Anatolian bards expressed passions in many forms, sacred and profane. Reflecting on the notions of encounter, and otherness, I in turn have attempted to make these poems mine, to let them live again through my western classical music culture, building a bridge between two serious music forms