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DUX 1153-4 Christlieb Siegmund Binder

DUX 1153-4 Christlieb Siegmund Binder

220 SEK
Binder, Christlieb Siegmund (1723-1789)Sonata No.1
      F major
Paulina Tkaczyk, harpsichord
Binder, Christlieb SiegmundSonata No.2
      D major
Binder, Christlieb SiegmundSonata No.3
      C minor
Binder, Christlieb SiegmundSonata No.4
      E major
Binder, Christlieb SiegmundSonata No.5
      A minor
Binder, Christlieb SiegmundSonata No.6
      B flat major
Here is a German composer and instrumentalist, a court musician in Dresden that fell into obscurity after his death. His output is a blend of many directions and styles. In contrast to the majority of the Dresden composers who focused primarily on church music and opera, Binder’s oeuvre consists almost entirely of instrumental music. Fascinated with the harpsichord, he penned sonatas and concertos mainly for this instrument. Music theoreticians of his time described him as a composer of great passion whose works were full of expressive power and emotion.