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DUX 1151 Maciejewski Variations

DUX 1151 Maciejewski Variations

160 SEK
Maciejewski, RomanNotturno Variation Drommen
Maciej Fortuna, trumpet 
Krzysztof Dys, piano
Maciejewski, RomanVariation No. 1 - 3 
Maciejewski, RomanFjattrad Variation
Maciejewski, RomanEko Variation
Maciejewski, RomanKolysanka Variation No. 1
Maciejewski, RomanLamentatio IV de Requiem Variation
Maciejewski, RomanVariation No. 1 -4
Maciejewski, RomanKolysanka Variation No. 2
Roman Maciejewski was born in 1910 in Berlin. His mother, a music teacher, fostered his musical interests. As a little boy he attended the conservatory of J. Stern in Berlin. Later on, he studied in a conservatory in Poznan, where he obtained a diploma of piano specialisation. The 18year old Maciejewski, recommended by Stanislaw Wiechowicz became the head of the Stanislaw Moniuszko Choir of Poznan, with which he gave concerts in Poland and abroad. He transferred to study composing at Warsaw Academy of Music, where he was a student of Kazimierz Sikorski