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DUX 1145 Works for Violin Solo

DUX 1145 Works for Violin Solo

160 SEK
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)Violin Partita No.2 
BWV 1004     D minor
Aleksandra Kuls, violin
Pendercki, Krzysztof (*1933)La Follia per violino solo
Prokofiev, Sergei (1891-1953)Sonata for Solo Violin
Ysaye, Eugène (1858-1931)Sonata No.5
    G Major

The early days of the history of the violin, one of the most fascinating instruments created by man, are shrouded in mystery. Academicians will long continue to argue about the roots, etymology and genealogy of an instrument whose ‘classical’ shape and extraordinary sound qualities have been developed in a long evolutionary process thanks to the mainly Italian violin-making schools.