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CDS-1098 Raff - De Profundis

CDS-1098 Raff - De Profundis

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While Joachim Raff was in Liszt's employ, the older composer encouraged his younger colleague to devote his efforts to creating religous music literature. Raff was rather more interested in keyboard and vocal music in general and the theatre in particular. In July 1853, raff composed his setting of the te deum, a rare consession to Liszt's encouragement on a commission from the Roman Catholic Church in Weimar

Raff, Joachim (1822-1882)WoO 16Te Deum Karlstad Kammarkör
Stockholm Singers
Göteborg Operaorkester - Henrik Schaefer / Bo Aurehl
Raff, JoachimOp.141De Profundis 130.Psalm 
Raff, JoachimWoO 32Pater Noster 
Raff, JoachimWoO 33Ave Maria 
Raff, JoachimWoO 27Vier Marianischen Antiphonen