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CDS-1095 Pieces for piano  and Orchestra

CDS-1095 Pieces for piano and Orchestra

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The recording of the three Swedish pieces for piano and orchestra performed by Maria Verbaite and the NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra directed by the experienced B. Tommy Andersson has brought life to rare played orchestral pieces. Maria Verbaite has in a short time grown to be a well-known Swedish artist with awards from competitions in Lithuania, Paris, New York and Germany. She is a three times winner in the Steinway competition in Stockholm

Norman, Ludvig (1831-1885)Op 54Concert piece for piano and Orchestr NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra - B. Tommy Andersson - Maria Verbaite, piano
Rangström, Ture (1884-1947) Ballade for Piano and Orchestra 
Wiklund, Adolf (1879-1950)Op.1Concert piece for piano and Orchestra