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CDS-1083  Noskowski  Symphony No. 1

CDS-1083 Noskowski Symphony No. 1

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This CD commemorates the fact that this great unknown romantic master died one hundred years ago. The Polish conductor, teacher and composer Noskowski was a leading figure in the impressive Polish music scene around 1900, working alongside such people as Paderewski, Scharwenka, and Moszkowski. These works show that also as a composer, he could measure up to his contemporaries!

Noskowski, Zygmunt (1846-1909) Symphony No. 1A majorNational Polish Symphony Orchestra - Slawek Wroblewski
Noskowski, Zygmunt Morskie Oko National Polish Symphony Orchestra - Gabriel Chmura
Noskowski, Zygmunt Pan Zolzikiewicz overture National Polish Symphony Orchestra - Zygmunt Rychert