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CDM 3003-2 Peter Lindroth - in our time…

CDM 3003-2 Peter Lindroth - in our time…

159 SEK
This third CD in the modern series is completely different from the others. Peter Lindroth is a most distinguished composer living here in Sweden, very versatile and possesses remarkable technical skills with works in different instrument settings. A most variable modern modern CD! Well worth investigating. 

Lindroth, PeterPara dos violinesDuo Gelland
Lindroth, PeterDes Menschen Wort vergehtChristina Högman, sopran / Mats Jansson, harmonium / Nile Erik Sparf, violin
Lindroth, PeterRite nowStrings, percussion and electronics
Lindroth, PeterSXQIIStockholm Saxophone Quartet
Lindroth, PeterNight MusicYoriko Asahara, harmonium / Mats Jansson, piano / David Swärd, dirigent / Björn Malmkvist, kontrabas / Bo Pettersson, basklarinett