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CDLX 7339 Cecile Chaminade: Callirhoë

CDLX 7339 Cecile Chaminade: Callirhoë

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The year 1888 was a remarkable one for French pianist-composer Cécile Chaminade. Her large-scale 'ballet symphonique' Callirhoë was produced at Marseilles on 16 March, and a few weeks later, on 18 April, there followed the Concertstück for piano and orchestra, well received in Antwerp and soon across the world

Callirhoë, CecileBallet Symphonique
Op. 37 (1888) (The complete ballet music, researched and edited by Martin Yates from various original scores) /    BBC Concert Orchestra - Martin Yates / Victor Sangiorgio, pianoCallirhoë, CecileConcertstück for piano and orchestra,
Op. 40 (1888)