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CDLX 7324 Cecil Armstrong Gibbs

CDLX 7324 Cecil Armstrong Gibbs

165 SEK
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongCrossings suite for orchestra
Op. 20    
BBC Concert Orchestra - Ronald Corp
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongThe Enchanted Wood
Op. 25    
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongA Vision of Night
Op. 38    
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongSymphonic Poem
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongDusk (from Fancy Dress)
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongSuite
Op. 101    
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongThe Cat and the Wedding Cake (from the television operetta Mr Cornelius)
Gibbs, Cecil ArmstrongFour Orchestral Dances

This varied selection of tuneful but largely unfamiliar orchestral music by Cecil Armstrong Gibbs includes the delightful suite from his collaboration with Walter de la Mare, the “fairy play” Crossings. Gibbs’s music is very much an escapist art, full of charming tunes – as exemplified by The Enchanted Wood, which the composer described as “a dance phantasy,” and the full orchestral version of his most popular work, the haunting slow waltz Dusk