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CDA-1828-2 Maria! Maria!

CDA-1828-2 Maria! Maria!

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Welcome into the Birgittine sisters’ world of Gregorian chant! Also known as Frälsarorden, the Birgittine Order is the only one with Scandinavian origins. Saint Birgitta (ca 1303-1373) and her collaborator and confessor, Petrus Olavi of Skänninge, laid its foundations in Rome, in the 1350s. Birgitta had moved there in 1349, and remained in that city for the rest of her life. After the first Birgittine abbey opened in Vadstena in 1384, the order rapidly spread across Europe
Performer     Ensemble Gemma - Karin Strinnholm
anon.: Sunday
I. Invitatory - Trinum deum
II. Matins Hymn - O trinitatis
III. Third matins Responsory: Maria summe
IV. Sext Antiphon - Omnia mandata
anon.: Monday
I. Invitatory - Regem angelorum
II. Lauds Antiphone - Angeli archangeli
III. Lauds Hymn - In throno Deo
IV. Responsorium breve - Angelorum domina
V. Magnificat Antiphone - Magnificetur rex
anon.: Tuesday
I. Invitatory - Filium Dei
II. Benedictus Antiphon - Benedictus sis tu
III. Vespers Antiphon - Omnem potestatem
IV. Compline Hymn - Victum vitalem
anon.: Wednesday
I. Invitatory - Ortum virginis
II. Third Matins Responsory - Solem justicie
III. Lauds Antiphon - Nativitas gloriose
IV. Prime Antiphon - Nativitatem recolamus
anon.: Thursday
I. Invitatory - Ave Maria
II. Matins Antiphon - Congratulamini Filio Deo
III. Lauds Antiphon - O admirabile commercium
IV. Benedicamus devotis mentibus
V. Sext Antiphon - Germinavit radix Jesse
anon.: Friday
I. Invitatory - Regem virginis
II. Matins Antiphon - Benedictum sit nomen
III. Versiculus - Spineo serto
IV. Sext Antiphon - Tremor terre
V. Vespers Antiphon - Annuntietur in universa
anon.: Saturday
I. Invitatory - In honorem virginis
II. Second Matins Responsory - Que est ista
III. Lauds Antiphon - Assumpta est Maria
IV. Benedictus Antiphon - Que est ista
V. Prime Antiphon - Maria virgo assumpta
VI. Sext resp. breve - Ad coronam leticie
VII. Vespers Antiphon - Jam letaris
VIII. Vespers Hymn - O quam glorifica
IX. Magnificat Antiphon - Maria, Maria
X. Compline Antiphon - Cum iocundate