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CDA-1813/16-2   Wagner - Götterdämmerung (4CD)

CDA-1813/16-2 Wagner - Götterdämmerung (4CD)

290 SEK
This recording of part 4 of Wagner epic work, the Ring, was done in 1987 where Aarhus symphony orchestra and the Jutland choir assist Laila-Andersson Palme and Elliot Palay performing Götterdämmerung.

Wagner, Richard (1813-1883)Götterdämmerung Opera in 3 acts
Laila Andersson-Palme
Elliot Palay
Margarethe Danielsen
Eva Johansson
Lars Waage
Aage Haugland
Jørgen Klint
Aarhus Symphony Orchestra - Francesco Cristofoli
Den Jyske Opera kor