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AV 2372 Percy Grainger: Folk Music

AV 2372 Percy Grainger: Folk Music

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Percy Grainger was an extraordinary human being and musician – a precocious pianist, colourful composer and world traveller, a peculiarly passionate and emotive eccentric whose fertile mind produced an expansive oeuvre of original and inventive works. Above all Grainger is best known for his most enduring musical endeavour, his exploration and dissemination of folk music.

Grainger, Percy (1882 – 1961) Bold William Taylor Claire Booth, soprano
Christopher Glynn, piano
Grainger, Percy Six Dukes Went Afishin’ 
Grainger, Percy Knight and Shepherd’s Daughter 
Grainger, Percy Lord Maxwell’s Goodnight 
Grainger, Percy My Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone 
Grainger, Percy The Pretty Maid Milkin’ Her Cow 
Grainger, Percy The Sprig of Thyme 
Grainger, Percy The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol 
Grainger, Percy The Twa Corbies 
Grainger, Percy Irish Tune from County Derry 
Grainger, Percy Died for Love 
Grainger, Percy The Power of Love 
Grainger, Percy Walking Tune 
Grainger, Percy Willow Willow 
Grainger, Percy Early One Morning 
Grainger, Percy One More Day, My John 
Grainger, Percy Hard Hearted Barb’ra 
Grainger, Percy Country Gardens