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AV 2364  The Topping Tooters of the Town

AV 2364 The Topping Tooters of the Town

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The City Musick, directed by William Lyons, replicates the thriving 16th and 17th century wind band, the London Waits, with dulcians, cornets, sackbuts and shawms evoking the era’s civic events, theatrical productions and liturgical services

Holborne (c.1545 – 1602) The Night Watch The City Musick - William Lyons
Dowland, John (1563 – 1626) Psalm 100: All people that on earth do dwell 
Morley, Thomas (1557/8 – 1602) See, see, myne owne sweet jewell 
Ravenscroft (1590 – 1633) Psalm 117: O praise the Lord, all ye nations 
Playford (1623 – 1686/7) Pauls Wharf

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